New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg (I) will personally use Twitter during Election Day in the city tomorrow, his campaign announced today.

Bloomberg has an active Twitter account that his staff operates to share campaig news, but Bloomberg has seldom used the site himself. The incumbent mayor tweeted himself in August, but has not tweeted much since after indicating he would do so.

His campaign tweeted on Monday:

ALERT: #NYC Mayor Bloomberg will personally tweet all day on Election Day! Tweet Out The Vote 11/3! (Pls RT) #twitter

Bloomberg's tweeting is part of a larger initiative on behalf of the mayor to ramp up his campaign against Democratic opponent Bill Thompson. Bloomberg has invested much treasure in the race, he has spent a record $85 million of his own money in order to keep his office.

The tweeting, though, won't add to his already large campaign tab: Twitter users operate their accounts free of cost.

All tweets from Bloomberg himself will be signed "Mike" and the rest will be signed "staff."