Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said on Friday that new, double-digit unemployment numbers are "unacceptable."

Solis' Labor Department released the numbers today that showed 10.2 percent of Americans unable to find jobs in October. Nonfarm payrolls decreased by a higher-than-expected 190,000, but less than 219,000 jobs lost in September.

Solis said on Twitter:

Today’s job numbers were disappointing and a 10.2 percent unemployment rate is unacceptable.

We are working hard to reverse these circumstances for the millions of Americans who need and want work but cannot find it.

But she also expressed hope that recovering housing market and GDP growth last quarter could reverse the trend of rising unemployment.

Housing markets are showing signs of recovery, credit is flowing again and last wk we saw that the econ. is grwing for the 1st time in a yr.

As the econ. recovers, more bus. will begin hiring workers & there are signs of growth even in sectors that were hardest hit.