Rep. Parker Griffith's (D-Ala.) name has quickly become a trending topic on Twitter.

The Blue Dog Democrat announced Tuesday he will switch parties to become a Republican.

Trending topics track the most popular conversation subjects on the microblogging service. Griffith currently comes in as the sixth most popular subject out of ten that are listed.

Shortly after the news broke, political observers on Twitter began to chatter about the implications of Griffith's decision. 

Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman tweeted:

But no party switch in recent memory will make ldrs seethe like this one. Only a yr ago Ds were dropping $$$$$ on Griffith

Liberal blogger David Waldman, who writes for Dailly Kos and Congress Matters tweeted:

There are 19 House Dems who vote w/ the President less frequently than Griffith.

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson, who runs RedState blog, tweeted:

Surely we can primary Parker Griffith. Changing the letter next to your name to an R does not magically make you one of us.