A study released this week showed that House Republicans and Senate Democrats have the most Twitter followers in their respective chambers. 

The survey, conducted by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), said that by the end of 2009, 2,328,809 people were following the 205 members of Congress (as of Sept. 2009) who use Twitter.

The median House Republican had 1,563 followers while their Democratic counterparts had a median of 879.

In the upper chamber, Democrats had a slight edge in median followers over Republicans. The average Senate Democrat had, 3,747 while the median Republican had 3,216. 

The most-followed lawmaker, Arizona Sen. John McCain (R), was not able to lift up the median follower figure for his caucus with his 1.7 million Twitter subscribers.

CRS researchers wrote that Senate Twitter users likely have more followers than their House counterparts because most senators represent a larger amount of constituents than most members of the lower chamber. 

Other interesting findings in the survey:

  • 38 percent of House members use Twitter and 39 percent of senators use it.
  • In Aug. and Sept. 2009, the most frequent type of tweets are state or district related tweets, which make up 24 percent of all lawmaker tweets. Next are policy related tweets (23 percent), then media-appearance tweets (14 percent) and position taking tweets (14 percent).