Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) is a standout member of Congress today.

That is, she says she's the only lawmaker to have shown up on Capitol Hill despite blizzard conditions in Washington, D.C. that have kept the House from voting this week, and appears to have precluded Senate votes the rest of the week.

Foxx tweeted Wednesday:

Think am only member of 0Congress on Hill. All staff and I in on Tues. Only some staff Wed. Busy with ltrs and calls. Glad to be inside

It's tough to say when Foxx will be able to get back to her district -- after all, the House will be on recess next week for its President's Day recess.

But if the congresswoman is on the Hill tomorrow, at least she won't be too lonely; the Senate appears prepared to get back to work on Thursday.

It also reminds us, in a way, of this Pink Floyd song: