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Paul is ready for warmer weather

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and much of Washington, D.C., just wants it to be warm.

Paul on Wednesday tweeted out a popular YouTube video of a frustrated child shoveling snow and finally yelling, "Jesus make it warm."


Turkey: Twitter allows 'character assassinations'

Under fire for its crackdown on Twitter, the Turkish government pushed back hard on Saturday, saying the popular social media site enables "systematic character assassinations," the Associated Press reported. 

In a statement from its Public Diplomacy office, Turkish officials said wiretapped audio recordings which hint at government corruption and took off on Twitter this week, were either "illegally acquired" or "fake and fabricated," according to the AP.



Rep. Lewis gets his 'Happy' groove on

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) celebrated the International Day of Happiness on Thursday by sharing a video of him grooving to Pharrell Williams’s hit song “Happy.”

One of Lewis’s congressional staffers, Rachelle O’Neil, posted the clip of him dancing and singing on YouTube. Lewis then linked to the video on Twitter.