What have they done with the real Chuck Grassley?

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) did something not very unusual today: he posted to his Twitter page.

What was unusual was its use of spelled out words and proper punctuation.

Grassley is somewhat of a Twitter guru, often sending in tweets via text message that use abbreviations and shorthand to fit in what he's trying to say beneath the 140-character limit.

But today, Grassley tweeted:
In first hour of hearing on financing Health Care Reform. This is third and last segment of steps leading to drafting a bill

As a matter of comparison, here are five of Grassley's most recent tweets:
Mowed my lawn at farm 1sttime 09 YES w my 3 mower combine Harkin and I honored by WORLD FOOD PRIZE tonite DsM:

Sorry I referred u to Greta and me last nite on Fox. Arrest of Chi murderer preempted. Tune in tonite

Watch me on Greta van Sustren on Fox tonite

Just had a hamburger w obama at WH. Hour lunch discussing health care reform and four Ag/EPA issues

Just read WStJ Fri HOUSE of WORSHIP column abt Antisemitism in Chavez venezuela Wakeup call for all who blev in freedom of religionStopChavz

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