'All the news that's fit to tweet'

In last week's run up to nerdprom, many Twitter users missed one of the more interesting new additions to the Twitter-verse.

New York Times executive editor Bill Keller, the paper's top editor, joined Twitter last Thursday morning.

He wrote, in his first tweet:
Another thoughtful take on Pakistan. All the news that's fit to tweet. http://bit.ly/2ajCp

Since then, Keller has tweeted intermittently, usually to promote stories in the Times.

Keller marks one of the most prominent journalists to have joined the microblogging service, joining an array of staff writers at his organization and a variety of other outlets to use Twitter.

In his peer group, Keller stands alone, as well. Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli and Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thomson do not have recognized pages on Twitter.

Still, with its unprotected updates and easily registered comments and replies, Keller's Twitter page could launch a new age of responsiveness and accountability in the highest echelons of journalism.