After a Twitter-fied White House Correspondents' Association dinner last night, the D.C. Twitter scene has returned to normal, with last minute gossip about brunches and pundits hitting the morning show circuit.

The Associated Press's Philip Elliot was back at the White House:
is at work at 1600 the morning after prom. CapFile party was solid; cab situation was not. #nerdprom

The Washington Times's Amanda Carpenter is getting ready for CNN:
Up and at 'em. I'll be on CNN's Reliable Sources in the 10am hour and then on MSNBC around 11:30am.

And Air America's Ana Marie Cox is on her way to John McLaughlin's brunch:
As requested: Post-Hamm (meeting him, I mean!) #bedhead. And #nerdprom not over! McLauglin brunch later.