Cindy McCain apparently spending the morning on the couch

Cindy McCain, the wife of Sen. John McCainJohn McCainMarines reignite debate on women in combat Gun-control supporters plan next steps versus NRA Report: Prominent neoconservative to fundraise for Clinton MORE (R-Ariz.), cataloged her battle this morning against a migraine, putting it on Twitter for the world to experience.

McCain sent out a series of tweets detailing her battle against a migraine, culminating in an observation we have to imagine is no doubt the result of spending the morning on the couch.

McCain tweeted last night:
Suffering a migraine today. Arrgg!!

She followed up this morning in a few tweets:

Up but moving slow. Still down with a migraine. Looks like a quiet day with my puppies.

I am involved with a group of doctors working on a cure for migraines. That would be a gift from God!!

Migraines are the number 1 reason for lost work days around the world. It's time we focus on this problem.

Who likes Deadliest Catch on Discovery?? I DO!

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