Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has turned to Twitter followers for input as to which qualities are most important in President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court vacancy.

Issa, who as a member of the House doesn't get a formal vote to confirm the president's nomination, asked followers on Sunday to name attributes that are important in a Supreme Court justice.

Issa tweeted some feedback on Monday, first:
SCOTUS feedback: @nathanmhansen no comm. clause abuse @scotteeg interprets, not makes, law @jimkrehbiel "empathy for nothing but const."

Issa also tweeted this interesting observation:
R.e. attributes of good Souter's successor: what weight do you put on legislative experience (like O'Connor in AZ)? No one mentioned this.

News broke late Thursday night and was confirmed Friday that Justice David Souter has decided to retire from the Court at the end of this term.