ABC's Terry Moran was among the millions of Americans last night apparently ignoring the impending opening on the Supreme Court, and instead paying attention to the triple-overtime heartstopper between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls won the game, forcing a game 7 this Saturday in Boston. The series has had four overtime games so far.

Moran tweeted:
Has there ever been a better NBA series than Bulls-Celtics this year? Heck, this is one of the great battles in sports history.

Moran then celebrated the gamewinning play by Bulls first-year player Derrick Rose, who blocked a shot and stole the ball to stave off a fourth OT.
DERRICK ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTY!!!!

And finally, Moran tweeted:

Maybe the NBA really is where amazing happens.

(Note: "FTW" is a typically used acronym on Twitter, meaning "For The Win.")