McCaskill and Cox spar over baseball

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) surprised Ana Marie Cox with one of her recent tweets:
Nothing better than beating the Cubs. Well, maybe winning the World Series. 4-3 Cards win.

Cox was shocked--SHOCKED!--to here such blasphemy. She tweeted a series of laments:
Tragic realization that @clairecmc roots against the Cubs making me reconsider her status as Coolest Politwit That Isn't Chuck Grassley.

I said this to @lehmannchris and be nodded solemnly. RT @xzqx How can you root against the Cubs? That's like rooting against Bambi.

@clairecmc roots against the Cubs? Really? Everything I thought was true suddenly is drawn into question...

McCaskill seemed taken aback by Cox responses. McCaskill, of course, represents Missouri, which is hope to the St. Louis Cardinals. Isn't it logical--not to mention politically expedient--to vote for the cards? McCaskill responded:
A little worried about @anamariecox. I feel her slipping away.Not quite sure what to do about it, but know it doesntincludelovinthecubs.

Both McCaskill and Ana Marie Cox are top notch tweeters, we might add. Twitterr Room heartily recommends following both.

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