Fred Thompson's wife Jeri took control of his Twitter feed today:
This is Jeri & I want u all to know about Fred's 9-11 Story I just found out about: #ftrs #tcot

The link goes to audio of Thompson's radio show, where Jeri appeared today and relayed the following anecdote:
"I got an email this morning from someone who was with Fred on 9/11. And she worked for Fred at that time and she said, 'I just have been listening to the show and wanted to let you know a story I bet you don't know about your husband, and that's that when we found out what happened, when we could see the smoke rising from the Pentagon, when everyone was scrambling to cover themselves to get out of the Capitol, realizing there was no escape route for anybody or plan for anybody...Secret Service came in and the Capitol Police came in and said 'Senator we must leave immediately. We must evacuate.' And Fred Thompson, she said, your husband said 'I will not leave. I will not go. We will not let them see us run. We will not let them see us leave.'"