Air America's Ana Marie Cox teamed up with her Twitter buddy, Washington Times White House correspondent Christina Bellantoni, to do their best Woodward and Bernstein (in no particular order) upon the arrival of the new First Puppy, Bo.

Cox tweeted Tuesday:
@cbellantoni and I working out questions to shout at Bo, Sam-Donaldson-style: "Bo, Bo, DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF HYPOALLERGENIC?"

Bellantoni offered:
ZOMG I just had a thought - what if POTUS brings BOB BARKER for Bo debut!?!

When Bo finally made his debut on the South Lawn this afternoon, Cox snapped pictures.

She tweeted:
Sasha does the honors.

And then praised Malia Obama for bringing the dog over toward the press line:
Malia very considerate, brought Bo around to all the press.

Cox also tweeted about the media's reaction before posting a final picture of the whole First Family.
Everytime dog starts doing adorable puppy run, audible awww ripples through the press corps.

UPDATE: Bellantoni apparently asked the hypoallergenic question the two had joked about earlier.