"Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory mourned the late Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, who died yesterday before the team's matchup against the Washington Nationals.

Gregory tweeted Tuesday:
The loss of Harry Kalas was a real blow. I thought the team reacted well. The moment of silence was a tasteful touch.

Kalas collapsed before yesterday's home opener for the Nats, where Gregory was serving as pregame master of ceremonies. Kalas was rushed to George Washington University hospital, but could not be resuscitated. The passing was noted before the start of the game in a moment of silence.

Kalas, a Hall of Fame broadcaster, was 73.

Gregory is a noted baseball fan, particularly of his hometown Los Angeles Dodgers.

Gregory also tweeted these notes on the Nats, first:
As for the Nats, yes I'm a fan. I grew up in LA so the Dodgers are my boys always, but I support my home team. Talked to Davey Lopes yday!

And then:
One more note on the NATS .. They were entertaining to watch. But you can't make three errors, walk in a run and hit two batters before RH.