The Fix's Chris Cillizza is live tweeting the White House press briefing on Cuba policy, and it seems he was caught a little off guard by the Spanish-language portion. Here are a few select tweets:
and away we go

C-SPAN just called Gibbs "Secretary Gibbs". Elevated to Cabinet level!

Um, the Fix does NOT speak Spanish...hence no idea what is being said...hear an "El Presidente" in there....was that a "niner"?

This is like a Cormac McCarthy novel...

Um, Robert, You know I don't speak Spanish.

We lost a follower...was it the Cormac McCarthy reference? Too literary?

"Usurious fees on these remittances" -- Um, what? Also, never use a $10 word when a .10 cent word will suffice. (Is suffice a $10 word?)

Chuckie T. aka the goatee asks why the president isn't making the Cuba announcement..."looks like you are voiding his voice in the picture"

BREAKING: "I am standing in the White House briefing room." -- Gibbs. Fix news: I am sitting at my desk.

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