The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) had maintained Twitter silence for a few days. But no more: the group posted a series of tweets this afternoon hitting back at their critics.

First some background. NOM launched a $1.5 million ad campaign this week, including an ad that featured "real people" talking about how same-sex marriage would adversely affect their lives. The Human Rights Campaign got their hands on the casting tape for the ad, leaking it to the blogosphere in hopes of underming the ad's claim to genuineness.

In that light, take a look at NOM's tweets today:
NOM Responds to HRC Lies:

Pro Gay Marriage Groups Scared . . . the best they can say . . . our new ad uses professional actors. Note to HRC: It's a professional ad.

Check out the TV ad everyone is talking about:

And finally (?):
We're launching an army for marriage. We're working for two million activists by the 2010. Go to and sign up NOW!

Let's see how Ana Marie Cox responds to all this...