As soon as Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN started showing this morning's car chase in southern California, Washington's twitterati immediately took notice.

The Club for Growth's Andy Roth immediately took note, tweeting:
Car chase on MSNBC! I love car chases.

To boot, Roth lent some sage advice to the eventually-captured driver:
FIRST RULE of car chases -- Go to the airport. It gets rid of the helicopter. Then you evade the cop cars.

Former Mitt Romney strategist Kevin Madden, meanwhile, was hoping for a cable news bonanza, tweeting:
car chase on Fox and MSNBC. are there pirates inside the car? oh please please please...

Not to be outdone, NBC's "Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory lamented that all the car chases seem to be in California. He tweeted:
watching msnbc now. why are all the crazy drivers who run from the police in my home state of california???!!!!