Rep. Erik Paulsen's (R-Minn.) tweeting is winning him some positive press back in the district, in a potentially positive sign for lawmakers who tweet.

The Minnesota Sun published a piece Wednesday praising Paulsen's work on Twitter, casting the freshman lawmaker as more in touch with his constituents through the microblogging site.

"We can learn about his policies and activities in Washington, which Paulsen said is important to him," writer Chris Olwell concluded in his piece. "Perhaps more important to constituents is that Paulsen wants to be accessible to the 3rd District."

Naturally, Paulsen later tweeted the piece itself, writing:
EP Sun Current: Paulsen's first 100 tweets: Measuring stick for members of congress may have changed for good

But as Twitter remains a force of debate in political and popular culture over whether or not it's a passing fad, or a useful tool with staying power, positive press like the Minnesota Sun's could prove to be a strong incentive for lawmakers like Paulsen to stay on Twitter.