Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin took it to 10 House Republicans who voted last night for a bill to curb executive compensation, with one of those lawmakers hitting back via Twitter.

Last night Malkin tweeted:
Ugh. Meet the 10 House Republicans for arbitrary salary control. Posted roll call vote breakdown

But Rohrabacher, one of the 10 Republicans to have voted for the bill, tweeted back.

Rohrabacher first tweeted:
@michellemalkin It isn't the "Pay 4 Perform Act" it's "If the taxpayers pick up the bill the corp bosses can't run away w/the loot act"

The California Republican then followed up:
@michellemalkin This legis only affects companies that receive gov't bailouts, there should be restrictions when taxpayer $ is given away

Rohabacher then added:
@michellemalkin Those who've brought down their own company shouldn't be permitted to enrich themselves at the taxpayers' expense.

Malkin then tweeted back:
@DanaRohrabacher Don't give them our money in the 1st place! Problem solved.

But Rohrabacher got the last word, in two consecutive tweets. First:
@michellemalkin I agree, unlike some of my now self righteous Republican colleagues I've voted against every bailout from day one.

And then:
@michellemalkin We seem to disagree whether there should be preconditions if a private company is bailed out by the taxapayers.

UPDATE: Malkin carried the entire debate to her blog, which you can read through here.

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