Former Rep. promotes study in China

Former Rep. Lester Wolff (D-N.Y.) has launched a venture called Study International to send American students to universities in China.

The move follows a U.S.-China joint statement, issued when President Obama visited Beijing last November, suggesting 100,000 American students should study in China during the next four years. Some 20,000 Americans study in China now, according to the joint statement, but other estimates put the figure as low as 13,000, compared to 100,000 Chinese students in the U.S.

During his 16 years in the House, which ended in 1980, Wolff was a member of the Asia and Pacific Affairs subcommittee of the Foreign Affairs panel.

The first student in the program will be sent to Nankai University to attend classes this fall.

J. Morton Davis, a backer of Study International, is a director of The Hill’s parent company, News Communications.