Lobby firm forges partnership with FundBook

A top Washington lobby firm is teaming up with a new online publication that helps local and state officials track down federal grant money. 

Van Scoyoc Associates on Tuesday announced a partnership with FundBook, a publication created by former lobbyists that tries to show local organizations and governments that there are alternatives to earmarks.  

“We both believe that there is a problem that local governments don’t have all of the information,” FundBook editor James Alfano told The Hill. “I think this funding is made available to all communities and there’s no reason that one community should be aware of these resources and another not.”

FundBook says 2,000 local communities and more than half of congressional offices have subscribed to the publication since its launch in October 2010.

Van Scoyoc said the partnership with FundBook would help the firm expand its clientele by providing a platform to reach out to smaller governments and organizations. Van Scoyoc will be the only federal lobbying company to advertise in the publication. 

“When we saw the first issues of FundBook, we knew immediately it was something our company wanted to be involved with,” firm President Stu Van Scoyoc said in a statement. “We think it enhances our reputation as a full-service lobbying firm, particularly for local governments, which are an increasing part of our business.” 

FundBook will benefit from the relationship as well, gaining access to Van Scoyoc’s Washington expertise. FundBook staffers will interview Van Scoyoc vice presidents as they compile the publication.

FundBook will remain free, but bonus materials will be given to readers who sign up for a monthly email addition.