Under contract

• The Louis Berger Group signed an $18 million contract June 27 with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contract, which will be completed in December 2012, requires “technical assistance” from the Berger Group in implementing the Growth with Equity in Mindanao (GEM) 3 Program. USAID and the government of the Philippines aim to “accelerate economic growth in Mindanao” and “help bring about and consolidate peace” in the region through this program. 

• United Launch Services won a $1.13 billion contract on June 30 with the Air Force to work on the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program. The contract, ending in September 2012, involves work toward “impro[ving] the United States’ access to space” through improving affordability and reliability of the vehicles. The company will provide engineering services and program management, among other support work.

• Lakeshore TolTest JV won a $71.6 million contract on July 5 with the 

Army. Lakeshore will construct “buildings, parking, utilities and other infrastructure for Afghanistan National Army personnel.” The work will be executed in Afghanistan and will be completed by February 2013.

• The Defense Logistics Agency awarded BP Energy Co. an almost $44 million contract July 1. Under the contract’s terms, BP will provide a “direct supply” of natural gas to the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and “federal civilian agencies.” The Houston-based company will complete some of the work in California, too, finishing its contract in September 2014.

• The Navy made an almost $313 million modification to an existing contract June 30 with Austal USA. The additional funding will allow the Alabama company to construct “ships six and seven of the Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) Program.” Austal USA’s work on the “high-speed, shallow-draft transportation”-capable vehicles is set to be finished in June 2014.