Reg Watch

• The Corporation for National and Community Service has proposed to change a rule to “require grantees to conduct and document criminal history checks … on [certain] … grant-funded participants and staff.” The staff would have to complete “state criminal history checks and FBI fingerprint checks” if they have “recurring … access to children, persons age 60 and older or individuals with disabilities.” The proposed rule is open for comment through Aug. 5.

• The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has created a proposed rule that would allow certain organizations to access “standardized extracts of Medicare claims data” for the “sole purpose of evaluating the performance of providers of services and suppliers, and to generate specified public reports.” The rule, which would offer instructions for how entities could become “qualified” and would “protect the identity of individuals,” is open for comment through Aug. 8.

• The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to extend “time-limited interim tolerances” to restrict how much combined residue from tetrachlorvinphos, an organic pesticide, can be left on certain foods, such as milk, poultry, pork and beef. The agency expects some of the entities affected by this extension to include those in crop production, animal production, food manufacturing and pesticide manufacturing. The rule, which will allow the agency “to review [certain livestock] data” in order to establish “permanent tolerances,” is open for comment on or before Aug. 8.

• The Federal Communications Commission is looking for comments on a proposed rule that would “permit the implementation of Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) technology.” TETRA is a private land-mobile radio service technology that could be used “in a range of industrial, business, land transportation and public safety activities.” The rule, which also creates technical requirements to prevent interference of TETRA equipment with existing technology, is open for reply comments up to and including Aug. 9.

• The Agriculture Department has given advanced notice of proposed rulemaking that would change importer declaration requirements for “certain plants and plant products.” Currently, the Lacey Act necessitates declaration of specific plants and plant products “at the time of importation.” The department is seeking comment regarding “establishing certain exceptions” and “modifying the [declaration form] … to simplify the collection of information.” The proposed rule is open for comment through Aug. 29.

• The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  has produced a proposed rule that would create requirements for community mental health centers to be included in the Medicare program. The rule would, “for the first time,” necessitate a certain quality of care, “establish requirements for staff and provider operations and encourage clients to participate in their care plan and treatment.” CMS, which would also gain surveying power to confirm community centers are meeting the “health and safety requirements,” is seeking comment through Aug. 16.