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The Hill's 2011 50 Wealthiest in Congress


The West Virginia senator’s wealth fell by more than $2 million this year, down from $83.7 million in 2009, due to some of his assets losing value.

Family trusts make up the bulk of Rockefeller’s wealth — his largest asset is a trust at JPMorgan Chase worth at least $50 million. Another trust, held at Wachovia Bank, is worth at least $25 million. His wife, Sharon Percy, also holds more than $1 million in stock at PepsiCo Inc., where is she is a board director.

Much of Rockefeller’s fortune stems from the money made by his great-grandfather, John D. Rockefeller. His company, Standard Oil, made the family name synonymous with wealth. Some estimate he was the wealthiest man in history. 

—Elena Schneider