Ben Goddard and Gerry Gunster join forces as Goddard Gunster

Ben Goddard and longtime business partner Gerry Gunster have launched a new public affairs partnership under the name Goddard Gunster Inc.

Gunster's track record is in directing national, state and local issue advocacy campaigns and ballot measures, which are to be the two core business practices of Goddard Gunster.
Goddard, the firm's founder, said, “Gerry is one of the pre-eminent strategic and tactical minds in the business of issue advocacy. In the 12 years we’ve worked together, he’s demonstrated that political aptitude again and again. I am proud to call him my business partner.”

Working together, Goddard and Gunster recently launched the London-based Goddard Global, bringing American-style public affairs to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

“I am excited about the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for Goddard Gunster and Goddard Global,” said Gunster, the managing partner of the new venture. “The name on the door may have changed, but the quality of work and 95 percent win rate haven’t."