being revamped for fall

The Obama administration is making significant changes to ahead of the enrollment period under ObamaCare beginning next fall, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal reported that officials have met with health insurers and are thinking about significantly revamping the website, which created a major political crisis for the White House last year when it repeatedly crashed as people flocked to the site. 

The worry, however, is that the administration only has until mid-November until the next enrollment period begins. And a massive revamping of the existing site could lead to a repeat of last fall’s problems.

The newspaper said one change is already running behind schedule on a new system to automate payments to insurers.

The changes include the application for coverage that most people use, as well as a comparison tool that lets them shop for plans, the report said. It cited slides officials used at a May 20 meeting with insurers.

The Journal also said officials are replacing the software used for creating accounts and logging on to

Another upgrade will let users sample plans anonymously without having to put in their personal information so they can compare plans without going through the process of registering first.