Obama watches World Cup match

President Obama watched some of Thursday’s World Cup match in which Germany defeated the U.S. 1-0 while flying to Minnesota aboard Air Force One.

Photographers traveling with the president were ushered back into the conference room to catch a glimpse of Obama and other senior staff members watching the game.

Presidential advisers Valerie Jarrett and Dan Pfeiffer were at the table, as were press secretary Josh Earnest and staffers Anita Decker Breckenridge, David Simas, and Dag Vega.

The presidential watch party didn't prove good luck for the men's team, but the U.S. still advanced to the next round of the World Cup, thanks to Portugal's 2-1 defeat of Ghana.

ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, who was traveling with the president to Minnesota for an exclusive interview, was seated to the president's right, and a spread of chips and diet sodas were around the table.

At one point, Obama leaned forward and groaned as the U.S. team narrowly missed a goal.

After the game, the president praised the team on Twitter.

At a speech in Minneapolis, Obama congratulated the team and led the crowd in a round of “U-S-A” chants.

"We've still got a chance to win the World Cup and we could not be prouder of them," Obama said.

The president noted the U.S. was in the "group of death" and that in advancing "they are defying the odds and earned a lot of believers in the process."

Earnest had hinted Obama was hoping to catch the match during his press briefing on Thursday.

"The way the schedule is laid out for tomorrow, the president will be on Air Force One tomorrow," he said. "So for most Americans, you’re on an airplane, you’re disappointed that you’re not going to have a chance to watch television.

“[But] when you’re the president of the United States, it’s one of the rare opportunities that you actually have to be around the television," Earnest added.

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