Reg Watch

 • The Veterans Affairs Department has proposed a rule that would ensure a stillborn child is covered automatically under the mother’s insurance. This rule would identify the mother as the legal guardian of a stillborn child when both are insured under Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI). The department said the change is for “ease of application” and to “be more compassionate” by not requiring “a stillborn’s father to establish paternity of the stillborn child.” The rule is open for comment through April 2.

 • The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has created a proposal that would require certain banks “with total consolidated assets of more than $10 billion to conduct annual stress tests.” The rule, which implements a portion of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also requires the banks to report the results of the stress tests to the FDIC and the Federal Reserve System’s Board of Governors — and to publish the results. Stress tests are intended to “assist the corporation in its overall assessment of a … bank’s capital adequacy” to help identify potential risks. Comments are due Friday.

 • The Justice Department has proposed a rule that would “exempt certain [Debt Collection Enforcement System] records” from some public access requirements. These records would be exempted from specific Privacy Act provisions “in order to avoid interference with the law enforcement functions and responsibilities of the DOJ.” The department invites comments through Thursday.

 • The Energy Department has created a proposed rule that “implement[s] the requirements for federal fleet reductions in petroleum [consumption] and increases in alternative fuel [consumption].” The potential regulation would define “federal fleet” as “20 or more federally operated motor vehicles operated within the United States,” as part of the larger goal to implement the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. Comments are being accepted through April 11 for the rule, which would require most federal fleets by October 2015 to reduce annual petroleum consumption by 20 percent from fiscal 2005 levels.

 • The Social Security Administration is seeking comment on whether it should “propose new rules for evaluating language and speech disorders.” The amendments, specifically to the Listing of Impairments, would “apply to disability claims involving language and speech disorders in adults and children.” The rule that would make consistent terminology, describe levels of impairments and “provide clear and comprehensive criteria” for these disorders is open for comment through April 6.

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