The Hill’s 50 Wealthiest lawmakers: Page 19 of 51

The Hill’s 50 Wealthiest lawmakers


Risch’s minimum net worth fell roughly $700,000 last year.

The senator added a new liability in an M&T Bank home equity loan, worth at least $250,000, for a personal residence. Lawmakers have to report mortgages on personal residences under new requirements from the STOCK Act.

Some of his assets decreased in value, too, including a note owed by his Senate campaign, which went from $15,000 in value in 2010 to a minimum of $1,000 last year.

In Idaho, the senator has at least $16 million in farm and ranch land in Ada and Canyon counties. He also has several investment properties — including three assets in Boise worth at least $100,000 each — and a condo in Washington worth at least $250,000.

- Kevin Bogardus