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The Hill’s 50 Wealthiest lawmakers


Isakson saw his wealth grow by about $2 million last year.

Isakson holds stock in numerous companies, and increased his holdings in Starbucks, MasterCard and Wells Fargo, which are all worth at least $100,000. Other stock holdings include a minimum of $250,000 in BB&T Bank, $100,000 in Apple, $50,000 in Chipotle and $50,000 in Inuit, which produces TurboTax and other financial software.

Many of Isakson’s highest-valued assets are in real estate, including a Washington condo worth at least $250,000 and 12 acres of land in Georgia’s Rabun County. He also has $50,000 invested in a condo in Athens, Ga. And the senator has a $250,000 certificate of deposit with Citibank.

Isakson’s only liability is a $15,000 Wells Fargo line of credit on a home.

- Megan R. Wilson