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The Hill’s 50 Wealthiest lawmakers


Lautenberg’s wealth rose by almost $2 million in 2011.

The increase can be partly explained by good fortune in the stock market. Lautenberg added at least $1 million in stock to his portfolio last year.

One of the senator’s larger assets is a qualified blind trust worth at least $5 million. His spouse, Bonnie, also has substantial holdings, including $1 million investments in office buildings in New York City and shopping centers in Texas, along with some commercial real estate in Miami, Fla., worth at least $250,000.

Lautenberg consistently ranks among the richest lawmakers on Capitol Hill, which isn’t surprising considering his business history. He co-founded Automatic Data Processing, the payroll services company, and still has at least $1 million in stock in the firm.

The New Jersey senator reported close to $1.8 million in liabilities last year. That included a $1 million mortgage with Bank of America on a personal residence as well as a JPMorgan Chase Bank mortgage on another personal residence for at least $250,000.

- Kevin Bogardus