Under Contract

Federal records show that the contract aimed at stimulating Pakistan’s trading abilities will increase by $15 million, but the total value of the work order is unclear.

The consulting company’s website reports that the project is in its fourth year and is showing progress. 

“By reducing the time and cost of moving goods across Pakistan’s borders, increasing formal cross-border trade, and promoting opportunities for women in trade-related occupations, this project is accelerating Pakistan’s trade-related capacity building and integration into the global economy,” Deloitte writes. 

• The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded a $735,000 contract to Animal Biotech Industries, a small business based in Pennsylvania. The company will provide the department’s Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit at Plum Island with 2,340 pigs to be used for research over the course of five years. The lab, based in New York, is the federal government’s primary source for conducting research of foreign diseases carried in animals, such as hoof and mouth disease and “swine flu.”

•  The State Department awarded a $43.3 million contract to CACI, Technology Insights to update its information technology (IT) systems. Specifically, the contractor will “provide the Bureau of Diplomatic Security with real time services for development, modernization and enhancement of the IT systems that enable the bureau to conduct Department of State worldwide security and law enforcement missions.” That includes, custom software developing, testing and installing various forms of software and other tasks associated with upkeep and testing.

• The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Byrd Enterprises Unlimited with a $1.1 million contract to provide upkeep at the Black Hills National Cemetery in South Dakota. Specifically, the company will clean, raise and realign headstones, as well as provide gardening services to the surrounding grassy areas. The contract will last for one year.

Contract information compiled from General Services Administration data and government press releases. Send announcements about government contracts to mwilson@thehill.com.