Under Contract

• The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded a $3.3-million contract to Chatsworth, N.J.-based D & K Solutions. The general contractor will be tasked with the maintenance and deconstruction of 125 temporary housing trailers used to house victims of Hurricane Sandy. The contract will last for six months, with an option to continue for three additional six-month periods. The project had been set aside for a small business in New Jersey.

• The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) added on an additional year to an existing contract with Training the Street, a financial education company based in New York City. The contract began last March and will continue until March 2014. The $68,700 contract addition includes training and education classes on bank capital structure, mergers and other financial topics. There is a maximum of $7,500 provided for travel.

• The Defense Logistics Agency has awarded Hess Corporation, an oil company based in New York, worth $57.6 million for natural gas for various Army, Navy and federal civilian agencies in New Jersey, direct from the company’s pipeline. The contract will last through March 31, 2015.

• CACI-Wexford Group International has been awarded a $17.9 million contract for training and support services for troops in Afghanistan combating improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The Joint IED Defeat Organization, which was awarded the contract, is working with the Department of Defense to fight back against IEDs “in a holistic way, using a balance of intelligence, training and technology,” the solicitation says. The contract will last until the end of 2013.

• The Department of Defense awarded an $11.6 million contract to API, based in Puerto Rico. The company will make combat uniform camouflage coats for the Army. The yearlong contract was reserved for a “severely disadvantaged” small business. According to federal records, the company has a history of contracting with DOD, and has provided various clothing items and duffel bags for the department since 2011.

Contract information compiled from General Services Administration data and government press releases. Send announcements about government contracts to mwilson@thehill.com.