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Michael Ramlet  Founder of The Morning Consult, a healthcare news site, and principal at Purple Strategies

It’s rare that a new journalism aggregator can break through the noise in Washington, D.C., but that’s what Ramlet has done with The Morning Consult, a daily briefing site on healthcare and public policy news. 

Ramlet first established himself as the director of health policy at the conservative American Action Forum, which is led by former Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Holtz-Eakin. At American Action, Ramlet provided analyses of ObamaCare’s impact on the healthcare system and the wider economy. Now, he runs the policy consulting practice at Purple Strategies. 

The Morning Consult is also a source for polling data on ObamaCare. A recent survey found that most people think healthcare costs are a greater problem than the number of uninsured and that just 35 percent support the healthcare law. 

“You can analyze the data in these polls; however, it is very difficult to make projections about 2014 after more of the Affordable Care Act is implemented,” Ramlet recently told The Heartland Institute. 

“Ultimately, many people will not understand how ObamaCare will influence them until it has already affected their finances or lifestyles. People are going to find out when they can see it and feel it.”