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Jon Kingsdale Former executive director of the Massachusetts Health Connector

Kingsdale played a major role in launching healthcare reform in Massachusetts —the law that inspired ObamaCare — as the founding executive director of the state’s insurance marketplace. 

Now he’s leading Wakely Consulting Group, advising other states as they implement their exchanges and providing actuarial analyses related to the law. 

As head of the Massachusetts Health Connector, Kingsdale was part of a partnership with the Boston Red Sox to promote the new health coverage options to the uninsured. He’s frequently quoted about efforts to promote ObamaCare along the same lines. 

“So much of what we are reading about these days is part of the ... back-and-forth of ‘it’s a disaster’ or ‘it’s really going to be nirvana for consumers,’ ” Kingsdale recently told Reuters. 

“For consumers, the real helpful information is going to come in October when they can get on the exchange and look at the full comparisons.”