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Ken Kies Managing director of the Federal Policy Group

This time, Kies is on the other side of the lobby.  

In 1986, the last time Washington ripped up and rewrote the tax code, Kies was a top GOP staffer at the House Ways and Means Committee. Now, he’s among the more prominent figures on K Street, with a corporate client list that includes Caterpillar Inc., Microsoft and General Electric.  

Lobbyists have long played a crucial role in tax policy, with individual companies and interest groups having huge stakes in what’s in the tax code. 

Kies has been far from confident that Washington will be able to duplicate the successes of 1986. But if it gains steam, he’s seen as having real sway with lawmakers. 

An annual policy breakfast run by Kies’s Federal Policy Group has featured tax writers from both parties and chambers.