Issa tops The Hill's 50 Wealthiest: Page 12 of 51


Buchanan is easily one of the wealthiest on Capitol Hill, with more than more than $58 million in car dealerships, stocks, bonds, real estate and other ventures.

But the entrepreneur-turned-congressman's wealth is undercut by close to $26 million in mortgages and liabilities.

In 2012, Buchanan mortgaged a rental home — worth at least $500,000 — on the exclusive, members-only island of Useppa, located off the coast of Florida. He offsets the liability by also including the home as an asset.

His portfolio has contracted since 2011, dropping several assets last year. On his 2012 financial form, he also notes writing off a loan worth at least $250,000 that he extended to a Ford and Chevrolet dealership.

— Megan R. Wilson