Issa tops The Hill's 50 Wealthiest: Page 7 of 51


Delaney is quick to trumpet his distinction as the first congressman ever to have headed a publicly traded company.

In fact, he's founded two of them in the last 20 years — HealthCare Financial Partners and CapitalSource, Inc. — and his financial portfolio shows it.

At least $25 million of Delaney's fortune remains in CapitalSource stock. The bulk of the balance is dedicated to finance-industry investments, including prodigious ventures into Goldman Sachs, Congressional Bancshares Inc. and Alliance Partners LLC, a Maryland-based lending facilitator.

Delaney reported roughly $2.3 million in liabilities for 2012, including a home mortgage loan of at least $1 million and a credit card debt no less than $15,000.

— Mike Lillis