Issa tops The Hill's 50 Wealthiest: Page 9 of 51


Peters began his career at the Environmental Protection Agency, but his finances blossomed as a successful environmental attorney representing business interests and government agencies in the private sector.

A good deal of the freshman Democrat's worth also comes from his wife, Lynn Gorguze, the daughter of a successful California industrialist and the CEO of Cameron Holdings, a private equity company founded by her father.

The couple boasts an extensive array of assets featuring a long list of large investments: a minimum of $1 million in oil interests (APCO Argentina), global aerospace (Astronics Corp.) and government bonds from around the country, including places as varied as San Francisco, Austin, Texas, and Columbia County, Wis.

Those holdings are somewhat undercut by at least $5.1 million in liabilities, largely represented by stock index options.

— Mike Lillis