Obama campaign vet opens PR firm

The lead TV ad producer for President Obama’s reelection campaign has started his own public relations firm.

Terrance Green, who worked on both the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns, left his digs at the advertising giant GMMB to start Truxton Creative.

Though the advertising world doesn’t move as quickly as a presidential campaign, he said the experience has prepared him for his next venture.

“The speed at which a campaign like that has to move — and all the working parts of it — is one thing I can bring to clients, while still maintaining quality, messaging and brand [consistency] throughout the process — sometimes that gets lost in translation when you’re moving so quickly,” he told The Hill.

Last May, the video guru received a surprise video shout-out from Obama at his wedding — even though the campaign was set to begin its first set of big rallies at the time.

Green fondly calls it one of his favorite memories, but also “a down payment for all the hard work I was going to do” between then and Election Day.

He says he learned a lot from his colleagues at GMMB, where he worked as a senior vice president, especially about having an entrepreneurial spirit.

The founders of GMMB “started really small 25 years ago,” he said, which gave him the inspiration that “maybe I could do this for myself.”

Add in the experience with the Obama campaign and what Green calls a lifelong ambition to own his own business – and the pet project was a no brainer.

“Whether it’s winning a campaign, becoming a better corporate citizen or fighting for social change, our creative and technical abilities, combined with over 12 years in advertising, will produce results for candidates and brands of all shapes and sizes,” he said in a statement announcing the firm.

Green couldn’t point to any specific clients, but told The Hill that he will be involved in the 2014 midterm elections and potentially the presidential race in 2016 — though only if the "right" person runs.

"It’s hard to just jump on board with anyone, after [working for] Obama," he said.

He said Truxton Creative will partner with political campaigns, campaign consultants, non-profits, ad agencies and others to supplement their media projects.

“There are so many ways to deliver messages,” he said in a telephone interview, but “it’s not a secret that people are consuming video at record rates… People don’t always click on websites, they don’t always follow through with other things on the web that are meant to be interactive, but they stick around and watch a video that’s well made – and that’s what we want to bring to our clients.”