Mattis: Multiple Army secretary picks under consideration

Mattis: Multiple Army secretary picks under consideration
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Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday said that the Trump administration is still thinking over multiple candidates for Army secretary.

“We do have, let me say, plural candidates,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon.

Mattis declined to give any further details, only noting that “we’ve done our due diligence.” 

“I’d rather let that one be announced by the president and the clerk of the Senate rather than getting out in front of them,” he said.

The Army remains the only military service without a secretary or named nominee for the position. The position has been vacant since Eric Fanning stepped down in January.

President Trump has twice named a new pick for the Army's top post, but both withdrew their names from consideration.

Vincent Viola withdrew his name in February out of concerns about divesting from his financial holdings, while Tennessee state Sen. Mark Green (R) withdrew his name in May amid fierce opposition over past comments about LGBT issues, Islam and evolution.