Co-founder of one of largest US charter school networks fired for sexual misconduct

Co-founder of one of largest US charter school networks fired for sexual misconduct
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The KIPP charter school network announced Thursday that it had fired its co-founder, Mike Feinberg, after investigating allegations of sexual misconduct.  

Leaders at KIPP, a network of 209 schools across the country, found evidence of sexual misconduct in an independent investigation of Feinberg. 



The investigation was launched after an outside probe found credible allegations of sexual abuse against Feinberg levied by a student more than two decades ago, according to The Washington Post

Neither the independent nor outside investigations confirmed the decades-old allegation, but found it to have credibility. However, the independent investigation did find evidence of sexual harassment by Feinberg against an adult alumna, which resulted in a financial settlement in 2004.

The investigation also uncovered a third allegation of harassment against another alumna, but that claim could not be corroborated.


"In light of the nature of the allegations and the passage of time, critical facts about these events may never be conclusively determined. What is clear, however, is that, at a minimum, Mr. Feinberg put himself into situations where his conduct could be seriously misconstrued," executives for the school wrote. "We believe that Mr. Feinberg’s actions were incompatible with the leadership qualities that are central to our mission."

KIPP, which started in Houston, said it had contacted Texas Child Protective Services after legal counsel for KIPP Houston Public Schools completed its investigation. 

Feinberg's firing comes as dozens of influential men in entertainment, media and government have been ousted over sexual misconduct, a movement that has addressed often unreported instances of improper treatment of women in the workplace. 

KIPP is one of the largest charter school systems in the United States, with more than 90,000 students.