Under contract

• The Architect of the Capitol is making repairs to the Hart Senate Office Building, the newest of the three Senate buildings, and has awarded an $8.8 million contract to The Christman Co. The construction firm will be replacing all 180 skylights in the building, among other work.
• The State Department is spending about $1.3 million to provide health insurance to about 331 American employees of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. It’s contracting with the Polish company Medicover to provide the services. To be eligible, the Americans must be “working on a full-time or part-time basis under non-temporary direct hire appointments or under personal services agreements/contracts (PSA/PSC) that are not time limited to less than one year.” The U.S. government will pay 85 percent of premium cost, and employees will be responsible for the remaining 15 percent.

• The Drug Enforcement Agency awarded four regional contracts to provide it with “competent, capable and experienced licensed interviewers to conduct psychological assessments of individuals who have been offered special agent positions,” according to the contract documents. The contracts — given to Atlantic OccuPsych, the Atlanta Psychological Association and Gary L. Fischler & Associates, which received two individual awards — total about $10.2 million.
• The Forest Service is working with Colorado Correctional Industries, which employs prisoners within the Colorado Department of Corrections system, to provide bear-resistant food-storage lockers. The 100 lockers cost $50,600 and, according to documents, will be used for the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.
• The Department of Labor is paying First Financial Associates up to $2.9 million to administer its childcare subsidy program. In 2002, Congress passed a law to allow the subsidies, which agencies can offer based on an availability of funds. The Labor Department gives its employees anywhere from $450 to $700 each month for child care, offered on a sliding scale to employees with a total household income of less than $80,000 each year.
Contract information compiled from General Services Administration data and government press releases. Send announcements about government contracts to mwilson@thehill.com.