Under Contract

The National Park Service awarded a contract to Comprehensive Health Services to provide health exams to employees who perform in “arduous duty” occupations, such as law enforcement, scuba divers and firefighters. The contract is set to last for up to five years, and the company had been doing similar work for the agency during the previous five years. The contract’s value fluctuates on how much the park agency uses the services, but is worth a minimum of $25,000. Services offered include comprehensive medical exams, including fitness-for-duty and independent medical evaluations for workers nationwide. Comprehensive Health Services has worked with the National Park Service since 2003, serving in various capacities. 

The Army is spending almost $13,000 on board and card games. Specifically, the Pentagon is purchasing 200 copies of the Trivial Pursuit board game, 230 cribbage board sets, 300 checkers and chess games (but instructions insist that the boards may not contain backgammon), 75 decks of playing cards for pinochle and several thousand poker chips, sets of dice and cards for playing bridge. They are also ordering 75 “stand-alone” backgammon boards. H&M Industrial Sales is providing the games.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) awarded four contracts worth a total of more than $740,000 for wild “horse gathering” services in the western United States. The Department of Interior captures horses to control the populations in the wild. Some are taken and placed up for adoption, while others are given fertility-control drugs and released. The BLM has contracted with Cattoor Livestock Roundup to remove hundreds of horses from the land. In the four areas — primarily in Nevada — where the roundups will occur, BLM cites drought and horse overpopulation. The agency is running into complications, including a lawsuit and petitions. Cattoor has been working with federal agencies since 1975, according to its website. 

Contract information compiled from General Services Administration data and government press releases. Send announcements about government contracts to mwilson@thehill.com.