Bottom Line

• TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Arnold & Porter will now be lobbying for AT&T, a longtime legal client, according to the firm. The lobbyists on the account are David Pore, Kevin O’Neill, Amy Davenport, Roxana Boyd and Greg Louer, a former aide on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

• DRONES. DJI Technology, a manufacturer of small unmanned aerial vehicles, has registered a team of in-house lobbyists and hired the law and lobby firm K&L Gates. One of its in-house advocates, Corey Owens, formerly worked in policy roles for Uber and Facebook. At K&L Gates, DJI Technology will have the help of a former Federal Aviation Administration official, Roderick Hall, and a former staffer on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Steve Martinko.

• CAMPAIGNS. Minou Tavarez Mirabal, a presidential candidate in the Dominican Republic, hired the U.S. consulting firm Sanitas International to help with his campaign. According to disclosure documents filed to the Justice Department, the firm will be providing “media relations and political strategy to the candidate and campaign.” Part of the work includes assisting “with international media interviews to articulate the candidate’s vision and policies for the country.” Tavarez is the only woman to ever seek the presidency of the country and is running as part of a coalition of minority parties.

• REFUGEES. Sixteen Thirty Fund, a public interest nonprofit that works on global health issues, recently hired its second lobbying firm, the Kyle House Group. The firm will be advocating on “funding levels for humanitarian, global health, development and refugee assistance,” according to lobbying disclosure forms. Michele Wymer, the lobbyist on the account, is a former staffer on the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Sixteen Thirty Fund has also had K&L Gates on retainer since 2013 and reports spending $120,000 per year on its lobbying efforts. 

• HEALTHCARE. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America added to its lobbying firepower by hiring its 35th outside firm. The firm, Federal Health Counsel, will be working on Medicare and Medicaid issues and drug benefit coverage through Affordable Care Act exchange plans, in addition to regulatory actions by the Food and Drug Administration.