Under Contract

The State Department awarded a contract worth $155.94 million to Alabama-based Caddell Construction to build a new U.S. embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The multi-story “Chancery new office building” is slated to be almost 125,000 square feet, including “shops and vehicular maintenance shops and break-room” and a parking lot. According to documents, the site includes the existing US Embassy Chancery site and British High Commission property.

The Virginia Army National Guard spent $31,126 on books for families and children that it intends to hand out at yellow ribbon events. The titles include “Life After Deployment”; “National Guard 101”; “Military Life: Stories and Poems for Children”; “While You Were Away for Teens”; “My Dad Is Deployed”; and “Surviving Deployment.” Complete Book & Media Supply won the contract.

There hasn’t been comprehensive study of black bears in the Prince William Sound area in Alaska for at least 34 years, according to contract documents, so the U.S. Forest Service is ordering 25 GPS collars for the bears to study the animals’ “home range, habitat use, and movements in relation to hunting pressure” by humans. The collars, provided by Telonics Inc., will capture location data every four to six hours for five years before dropping off the animals.

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) — a government agency that mobilizes private sector capitol for development projects — is shelling out nearly $2 million to revamp its website and help out with public relations work. NJI Media won the contract, which requires assistance with “media strategy and support, multimedia design, event planning, and operations/maintenance of OPIC’s online infrastructure including the website and social media presence.”

Backstage Library Works has been awarded a contract from the Library of Congress to digitize the Federal Register, which documents federal regulations and official actions. The documents to be scanned digitally span from 1936 to 1994, according to contract solicitation, and must contain “master digital images,” searchable PDF files and associated metadata. The contract is worth $1.06 million.

Contract information compiled from General Services Administration data and government press releases. Send announcements about government contracts tomwilson@thehill.com.