Polsinelli hires former Rep. Alan Wheat

The national law firm Polsinelli is continuing to expand by adding former Rep. Alan Wheat (D-Mo.) to its staff.

Wheat will begin work on on Monday and on Nov. 1 will lead Polsinelli’s national public policy practice as chair. Former Rep. Kenny Hulshof (R-Mo.), who is already with the firm, will be the vice chair.

While in Congress, Wheat became the youngest member to ever be appointed to the House Rules Committee. The firm says he remains in contact with many of his former colleagues, many of whom have since become congressional and administration leaders.

“We value his enduring and meaningful relationships on The Hill, his significant career efforts in health care, and his mild-mannered yet effective way of getting things done,” said James Davidson, the managing director of Polsinelli’s Washington office.

After a 15-year tenure under the Capitol dome, Wheat moved into the private sector following a stint in the Clinton presidential campaign in 1996.

After that, he became the vice president of public policy and government relations at CARE, a humanitarian organization that fights global policy, and then set up his own lobby shop in 1997 called Wheat Government Relations (WheatGR).

In Monday’s announcement, Polsinelli also said it added Julie Shroyer, who worked as a senior vice president and chief operating officer of WheatGR. She will be a senior policy advisor at the firm.

Before working with Wheat, she served as a vice president of Capitol Associates, representing several associations for health professionals. Shroyer also worked in the congressional affairs office of the American Psychiatric Association and within the House Select Committee on Children under Chairman George Miller (D-Calif.).