Under contract

• The National Forest Service bought a $57 million “turbine powered, multi-engine, amphibious, fixed-wing, water scooping aircraft” from Aero-Flite Inc., in Arizona, along with services to maintain and operate it. The plane would pick up 1,600 gallons of water from rivers or lakes to fight fires.

• The Energy Policy Research Foundation (EPRINC), a nonprofit organization, has been hired by the Department of Defense (DOD) to conduct a survey about fuel production in the U.S. Its services will cost nearly $308,000, and contractors will examine how the “North American petroleum renaissance will affect future demand for DOD resources abroad by examining the ongoing geographic shift in energy production and transportation.”

• The National Institutes of Health has hired help to work on a project aimed to “strengthen sub-Saharan African medical journal capacity and to promote dissemination of research findings in scientific publications.” The multiyear contract, awarded to the Council of Science Editors, could be worth approximately $1.2 million.

• The Justice Department’s Federal Prison Industries awarded a contract to Safe Reflections for the production of reflective logos for the Air Force’s improved physical fitness uniform (IPFU). The $1.5 million contract will last for three years and covers only the logos, which contract documents say the government will put on the shirts.

• The Department of Education awarded a $10.7 million contract to Kratos Technology and Training Solutions to help the department support and promote national education goals. Some of the requirements include revamping a website that details new efforts being taken by the administration to bolster “teacher and principal effectiveness” and finding research or studies to create content on the site.

• The Department of the Navy has hired a person to direct “a music program in support of the Catholic and Protestant communities” at a Washington State Naval base. Caroline Pierce, a Washington state resident, will provide music for memorial or funeral services for fallen active-duty soldiers, in addition to recruiting and hiring choir members for songs. The award pays $30,650.

Contract information compiled from General Services Administration data and government press releases. Send announcements about government contracts to mwilson@thehill.com.